Наукова лабараторія

The laboratory was organized at Radioengineering Department of National Technical University of Ukraine “Kiev Polytechnical Institute” (NTUU “KPI”) by February 14, 1996 under the joint decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and NTUU “KPI”.
The purpose of creation – development at a modern level new technical devices, systems, methodics and software for forensic researches. For work in laboratory the high-skilled developers were involved. The development of the methodical recommendations was carried out with attraction of the high skilled experts of criminalistic divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.
During a number of years workstations are successfully operated in department of phonoscopy, ballistics, auto-technical expertise of State Research Criminalistic Centre of Ministry of Internal Affairs, in Central and Regional laboratories of a Customs service, also in the laboratory of Kiev Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Examination.
Devices and firmwares are exported to many countries (more than 20), such as Russian Federation, USA, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, UAE etc.
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Contacts: 236-89-84, 454-94-24, 454-92-99