In 2017-2018 academic year students passed an externship at such enterprises:
1. State enterprise "Antonov".
2. Scientific Research Institute "Kvant" .
3. Research center"Tezis".
4. Scientific Research Institute" Kvant Radiolocation  .
5. Mikrotik Academy.
6. Mikrotek 10 Ltd.
7. Sedikomm University Ltd.
8. SEA Electronics Ukraine Ltd.
9. Smart tekhno Ltd.
The number of students - probationers: masters - 8, bachelors - 8.
     On the Antonov Company students have got acquainted with the goniometric radio navigational systems, methods of definition of their mistakes, the principles of compensation of radio deviation, management and supervisory bodies of the AH-148 plane.
     On GP Scientific Research Institute Kvant probationers have carried out work with the stand of the radar-tracking system, have studied features of the simulator.
     Students probationers in Research Center Tezis carried out tasks of the individual plan on acoustoelectric converters, testing of generators, works with technical documentation.
In Scientific Research Institute Kvant Radiolakation students got acquainted with ship radar station.
     The Mikrotik Academy worked with the interface RS-485, Raspbery PI.
     In Ltd company probationers got acquainted with the modern radio equipment, methods of measurements, programming, routing protocols.
     For support of efficiency of practice it was assigned qualified specialists from the enterprises and conditions for implementation of the program of practice are created. Students - probationers were given an opportunity to use financially technical means and information resources necessary for implementation of the program of practice.
Heads of practice from the enterprises rendered to students a possibility of collection of information for theses and projects and promoted systematization of collected materials.
     Heads of practice from department helped specialists of the enterprises in the organization and holding theoretical occupations, excursions and weekly controlled performance of tasks of practice. Remarks on carrying out practice of the management of the enterprise weren't.
During practice students have got acquainted with the organization of work of the enterprises, specifics of work of technical and administrative board, technical documentation and samples of the equipment. Successful carrying out practice and its effectiveness was promoted by young specialists of the enterprises and organizations.
     Heads the practician from department and the enterprises and the organizations actively promoted performance of individual tasks. In the course of carrying out practice specialists of the enterprises and organizations had an opportunity to estimate the level of theoretical and practical training of students and to offer them work in the specialty.
The externship has provided students with necessary materials and promoted successful protection of degree projects and works.
Training and practice of radio engineering faculty
Automation business of processes of the organization of practice, a training and assistance to employment - http://work.rtf.kpi.ua/