Наші науковці - на конференції в Одесі (UkrMiCo’2018)

     Employees of the Department of Radio Engineering Devices and Systems took part at the Third International Conference on Information and Telecommunication Technologies and Radio Electronics  (UkrMiCo’2018) that took place in Odessa from September 10 to September 14, 2018. The conference was organized by IEEE Ukraine Section, O.S.Popov Odessa National Academy of Telecommunication and National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”. The conference covered various fields of science and technology that according to the subjects were divided into four sections: Infocommunications, Telecommunications, Radio Engineering, Electronics. 
     At Section 1 “Infocommunications” group of authors Vyshnevyi S., Liashuk O., Zhuk S. represented the reported entitled “Two–stage filtration of digital images with regions of constant intensity in the presence of additive uncorrelated noise”. Participants of the conference were interested in the proposed algorithm that take into account two-dimensionality of images and was built on the basis of one-dimensional filtration algorithms. Such technique allows using the advantages in simplicity of realization and substantially decreases time of image processing in comparison with “pure” two-dimensional methods of filtration. Peculiarity of presented algorithm is the capability of using of parallel computing that helps to tremendously increase the speed of image processing in the assumption that images consists of regions with constant intensity values. During the discussion of the report there were proposals on implementation of the developed algorithm of image filtration with using of distributed computing systems and the way to estimate the computing efficiency of such approach.
     At Section 3 “Radio Engineering” the report entitled “Adaptive Filtration of Radio Source Movement Parameters Based on the RSS-Measurement Sensor Networks in the Presence of Anomalous Measurements” by Zhuk S., Tovkach I., Reutska Yu. was presented. The use of developed algorithm allows to increase the accuracy of obtained results of unmanned aerial vehicle location by filtration of anomalous errors of Wi-Fi signals power measurements. Such anomalous errors could be caused by malfunction of particular sensors, multipath propagation of signals etc. The presented simulation results obtained during investigations of proposed algorithm are consistent with the results of statistical simulation using Monte-Carlo method. A number of questions that were asked by participants during the discussion of the report, let talk about the importance and interest in chosen topics. Besides, colleagues from other universities, which actively work at the issues of passive radiolocation, expressed their vision of way of farther investigations in this field and in the possibility of expansion of usage sphere of the developed algorithm.       
     In conclusion, it should be emphasized that participation at the conference UkrMiCo’2018 gave the possibility not only to share the obtained results among the scientific community, but receive valuable advices that certainly will be very useful in farther scientific activity.