В лабораторії обчислювальної техніки №212-17 оновлено ілюстративні плакати

      There are renewed illustrated posters in the laboratory of computer technology and programming №212-17 that contain diverse reference information of structure and functioning of personal computers, stages of development and evolution of computers, recommendations for construction of algorithms block diagrams of computer programs, it is schematically shown the stages of writing, debugging and compilation of program code in C/C++ program languages, it is demonstrated the conversion methods of decimal integer and floating point number to binary, octal and hexadecimal  notation.
      The presented posters not only allow to show briefly the topics which are studied by students according to appropriate studying subjects, but in some way the posters decorate the laboratory and help to create the atmosphere of productive work on educational projects.
      Now, after the posters has been renewed, the next stage is to upgrade the computers in laboratory №212-17.